Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Women’s Committee is one of Bathurst Finch Network most dynamic committees. Members are passionate and active individuals who are determine to advance women’s issues. In 2009 a group of residents and service providers in the area got together to form a committee that was for women by women. The idea was to empower women by creating monthly gatherings that would unite women in the neighbourhood cross culturally. It would give women the opportunity to step out of their roles as wives, mothers, and caregivers in a fun and positive environment.

Once a month a group of 30 women from diverse background come together to share their experiences and learning from each other over dinner.  The women participate in fun activities and talk about what is important to them including issues on health, safety, legal matters, recreation, smart shopping, budgeting and any other topics that may come up. Guest speakers are also invited to discuss some of these issues with the group. Other activities the women have, and continue to participate in are yoga, exercise, meditation, and skiing.

As the Committee grows, it is evident that there is no shortage of great ideas. The latest is to capture women’s voices and life stories and publish it for others to benefit from.  In addition to that, the women’s committee will be launching a new weekly dance class next month. Participants can look forward to great music and exercise through different dance styles. As a committee, we encourage women to get involved in these great activities. By becoming a member of committee you can always expect a great time whether you are enjoying a meal, a fun activity, dancing, or simply joining in on the laughter.

We as women have to learn the golden rule, “Self protection and self health is first”. We are givers and we have to learn to be responsible for our own health and mind.  As mothers, wives and caregivers our mindset is to look after others first and ourselves last. These monthly gatherings strive to highlight this point by creating a happy and achievable balance.


Introducing: The BFN report

The Bathurst-Finch Network is a group of community workers and residents in the Bathurst-Finch area. Since 2009, we have been working to respond to the Bathurst-Finch neighbourhood. Our approach is organic. We stay flexible, curious and inspired. Our strength is our people. We are surrounded by brilliant, committed, festive, courageous and incredibly creative community members and workers who are determined to do what it takes to make a better world, starting in Bathurst-Finch.

In 2013, the Bathurst-Finch Network will celebrate our fourth anniversary. We decided this would be the perfect time to map out the work we've done to date, and start to plan for the future. In these pages, you'll find snapshots of what we've accomplished with your input, skills and imagination. Please read, enjoy, and share far and wide!

The Real BFN Report


On November 2012 a Survey was done at the monthly Women's Dinner. The BFN Women's Committee wants to thank Jeanny Gonzalez for her hard work on preparing it. Here you can find the results.


On December 10th, 120 people came to honour... Learn more...